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Thank you for visiting us. Our company combines tradition with the trade in natural products, mainly
in the field of cosmetics & food from Europe, Armenia, Egypt, Israel and the Republic of Cyprus.

We are looking for new partners in Europe. As legally self-employed partner you will be working
with our products. You will use our portfolio, while we will support you through many central
services and regular professional exchange between each other. We offer our partners the
possibility to reap the advantages of a partner network, without having to pay high fees.

We diligently watch the quality of the merchandise according to the regulatory guidelines for
natural products. In Europe’s international metropolises, we are looking for natural products
as well as new trends and we put together a balanced supply of jewellery, cosmetics,
body and personal care and many more items and services.


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Attica & Aspriter Ldt. engage in the field of retail, primary focus is on the Natural cosmetics & food sector. Attica & Aspriter Ltd. Attica & Aspriter Ltd. engage in the …

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This website is owned and controlled by Attica & Aspriter Ltd. (UK). By using this website you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions (“Terms”) set out below. For clarity, in these …

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Joint ventures and partnering. Joint Venture & Relationship Investments in Europe, Republic of Cyprus, Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Attica & Aspriter UK is seeking partners for a Joint …

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